"He is no nonsense when it comes to finances. Perhaps if our country had Mr. Epps in a decision making position, we would not be facing this financial cliff and a trillion dollar debt"

Honorable Mary Terrell, Ret. Judge

"Xavier is an excellent communicator and does a great job in explaining complex concepts as it relates to finances. I wish I would have met Xavier when I first started my business!!!!"

Chef Tianna Feaster

"Totally awesome and professional quick turnaround and affordable. Xavier is extremely professional sticks to his word and very detailed on what you need to do and what’s not recommended as well as why you should or shouldn’t do something. That matters most too me. Absolutely amazing!!!"

Alisia Acree

"I had never been on a budget, worked for 35 years, federal government...Xavier worked with me and the results were amazing. I was able to retire 2 years after seeing my complete financial picture. If you've never budgeted, you don't know what you are missing!!!"

Carol Wright